Topic(s): React, Java, Spring Boot, Spotify API

A Spotify app to display your top artists as a festival lineup poster.

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Project Summary

Inspired by projects such as Obscurify and Receiptify, I wanted to build a similar project to display my top artist as an imaginary festival lineup poster. This project was built using the Spotify API, React, Java, Spring Boot, and hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Fun fact: the other name I had in mind for this project was Couchella but I decided to go with Spotifestival.

Project Requirements

  • Display a user's top artists as a festival lineup poster by communicating with the Spotify API
  • Able to download and share the lineup poster as an image
  • Improve my React and frontend skills by imitating Spotify's design style
  • Gain exposure to Spring Boot and Microsoft Azure

Project Thoughts

This was a project I wanted to build ever since Spotify started their annual “Spotify Wrapped”. Because of Spotify Wrapped, I became more interested in my listening data and came across similar projects such as Obscurify and Receiptify, which became my biggest inspirations for this project.

So I started brainstorming how to build the project. This part was quick and simple, for the design I wanted to emulate the Spotify Website and for the poster’s design I wanted to emulate typical festival posters like Coachella and others. The logic was also pretty simple: the homepage displays a button, which would redirect user’s to authenticate with their Spotify login. After authenticating the user will be redirected back to my website where their data will be fetched and displayed. Finally an option to download the poster will be available.

With the plan set, I started coding and manual testing the website. I think the hardest part of this website was learning the intricacies of Java Spring Boot and then figuring out how to host the website onto Microsoft Azure. Other than those two issue, the project was pretty much smooth sailing. I met all the requirements that I created except the mobile design of the website wasn’t as nice as I wanted it to be, so this project is definitely best used on a computer.

Overall I learned a lot of useful skills such as how to interact with the Spotify API. I also gained exposure to popular technologies such as Java Spring Boot and Microsoft Azure. The project was also fun because of how challenging it was to emulate the designs of Spotify and Coachella posters.

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