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A random team generator for Fire Emblem Three Houses.

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Project Summary

A random team generator for the game, Fire Emblem Three Houses. Built using Python (and potentially tkinter for the GUI). Running this program will return you a team for your next playthrough of Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Project Requirements

  • Randomly generates characters and classes for a Fire Emblem Three Houses playthrough
  • Should accept user input for type of playthrough

Project Thoughts

This project was a quick summer project. During the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, I ended up playing a lot of Fire Emblem Three Houses to pass the time. After a couple of playthroughs I got tired of using the same "optimal" team of characters. So I created this program to make the game more interesting and to also practice my Python.

This project was built with python and a couple of csv files. Essentially, the python program takes in a series of user input. Based on the user's input, the program will read the correct csv file and randomly return the characters to use.

The only challenge I had with this project was learning python. At school, I have only been taught Java so this is the first programming language that I've learned on my own. As a result of this project, I've gotten my feet wet with some python and have made my Fire Emblem games more interesting. Hopefully I can add a GUI interface to this project in a future development.

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