Topic(s): HTML, CSS, Javascript, Hackathons

A web applciation that tracks water intake and much more.

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Project Summary

This was a web application that I created during Liquid Hacks (a hackathon hosted by the esports organization: Team Liquid) to promote mental health. This web application tracks water intake, sends reminders, provides inspirational League of Legends Quotes, and plays Animal Crossing music.

Project Requirements

  • Health and wellness themed (preferably relating to Team Liquid or eSports)
  • Helps keep a user's well being in check

Project Thoughts

This project was fun, especially because I made it during a hackathon. This was my first hackathon and I definitely recommend that people attend a hackathon if possible. You get to meet like minded people and can challenge yourself to build a project within a short time frame. There's also the opportunity to connect with future employers and learn from workshop panels. Unfortunately I didn't win the hackathon, but I did win the rapping mini-event.

The project is essentially a web app that tracks water intake with a few other added goodies such as: reminders, inspirational League of Legends quotes, and Animal Crossing background music. It was built using HTML, CSS, and javascript. I had used these technologies before, but it had been a while since I've used them for a project. Luckily there was a workshop panel hosted by Hack Club which served as a nice refresher for my HTML and CSS.

The main challenges that I had to deal with was re-learning javascript and learning how to use API calls. A specific issue that I ran into was that Google Chrome does not auto playing music. I was never able to find a solution to that issue, but let me tell you that it was a night filled with Googling and a lot of milk tea.

As a result of this project, I learned how to use an API with javascript. This was my first time using an API and first time attending a hackathon, so I would say this was a successful project.

Hopefully in the future I can turn this into a Google Chrome extension and maybe have the music auto play to a specific time zone like in the Animal Crossing games.


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